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Classification of the mechanical seal

By rotating or stationary spring element can be divided into: built within the stream rotary unbalanced single seal, referred to as rotary; flow within the static exterior balanced single seal, referred to as static.
Press the stationary ring is located inside or outside the seal faces can be divided into: built-in and external mounted.
Media leaks by sealing direction can be divided into: the loss of the type and outflow.
By the end surface of the medium caused by the unloading can be divided into: balanced and unbalanced.
According to the number of the seal faces can be divided into: single face and double face.
By the number of springs can be divided into: single-and multi-spring spring.
By elastic element classification: compression spring and bellows.
Non-contact mechanical seal structure: fluid hydrostatic, hydrodynamic type, dry gas seal type.
Press the sealed chamber temperature classification: high, medium, general, low seal.
Separated by the sealed chamber pressure: high, high, medium and low pressure mechanical seal.